25 September 2015

Finding the Place

In May 2010, we had the amazing experience of the water flowing over the dry Asab Riverbed in Namibia.  You can read our story about this experience in the right hand column of this page, titled THE ASAB RIVER.
We also experience a second event on that day.  After leaving the river, we traveled towards Arbeid farm in Klein Karas, where we were going to visit friends.  On the D607 road, the sky became very dark as a storm brought heavy rain, which is somewhat unusual for the area.  Suddenly, a flood of rushing water came out of the desert and flowed under our vehicle.  We saw this as confirmation of the promise God had given us early at the ASAB River.
For years we have tried to find the exact spot where this happened.  Of course, having traveled this section of the road during the darkness of a storm, the environment looks very different in the sunshine whenever we return.  However, our friends Johan and Berdine de Klerk recently, having recognized it from our photos. pinpointed the place with branches and a rusty tin on a pole.  When we traveled the road again, in September 2015, we were able to find their beacon and re-discover this special place.  .

Watch this video clip of Alta Cronje explaining what happened during the storm.


14 January 2015

Trip to USA - Johan Cronje

The AFMIN Global Board Meeting in Colorado Springs, USA, and I was invited to attend.

Mount Rushmore
This was a new experience as I had never been to the USA before.

Before and after the meetings, the delegates were taken to do a bit of sight-seeing.  We drove to the State of Dakota South where we got to see Mount Rushmore with the faces of the 4 USA Presidents carved into the mountain rock.  One does not realise the extensiveness of that carving until one has actually seen it.  Television and photography does not pay justice to this masterpiece. We also visited the Mount Rushmore National Park where I saw the buffalo for the first time.

Black Bear
Black bears, wolfs and deers are familiar faces in the neighborhood  gardens. People are extremely friendly and are very helpful. They believe in themselves and no challenge seems to be too big for them.

I want to thank Kobus Grobler, my CEO that sponsored me on this trip. Will I return to the USA if such an opportunity comes my way again? Yes for sure, but this time I will trust God for the finances to make it possible for Alta to accompany me. 

05 August 2014

Vision of Springs

During the ASAB Tour, we visited Johan and Berdine de Klerk, on their farm “Arbeid” in the Klein Karasburg area of Namibia. 
During this time, Alta received a vision of springs of water gently bubbling up through the ground.  As she told Johan and Berdine about the vision, he asked in what area of the farm she saw this happening.  We were standing on an elevated place and she indicated the area.  Johan said that in the early years, when his parents lived on the farm, there had been a spring which supplied them with water.

Something marvellous has happened…. Berdine sent the following testimony via email:

“..Johan entered the house just before sunset and said he had found the spring which Alta had seen in the vision.  Immediately my ears pricked up and he said he would show me.  I thought we would go to the dam or somewhere in the garden.  But he led me through the main gate to a reservoir behind the house.  Just behind the reservoir there is a green ‘wag-‘n-bietjie’ bush.  Earlier when Johan had gone to check the water level in the reservoir, this bush had caught his attention.  He noticed how the stones at the bush were covered with lime sediment which is also a sign of water.  My first question was how is he going to open it?  He replied that he will sink a borehole.    The wonderful thing about the location is that gravity will provide enough pressure to easily get the water to the garden.  We serve a Great God.
Johan de Klerk pointing to the lime sediment
Johan de Klerk with his grandson Johan Jr,
standing at the bush

28 July 2014

ASAB River Tour 2014

Communion table in the Asab Riverbed
Taking members of our Household on tour to the ASAB River in Namibia, has been a desire of ours, since our very first experience with God at the spot, in May 2010.  The tour group consisted of 9 adults and 2 children.  We had decided that camping in tents was a good way to build relationships, so each day we stopped at a camp site, often after dark, and put up the tents.  The comradery between the tour members was wonderful.  We enjoyed wholesome camp-style meals prepared by Erik and Rene de Beer.
Our visit to ASAB was a highlight of the tour.  Our dancers had prepared a wonderful dance item and we laid a feast table for the communion.  The presence of God was tangible and He met with each one in a special way.
Dancers giving glory to the Lord
Another highlight of the tour took place 2 days later.  We were camping on a farm in the Klein Karasburg area.  Johan and Berdine have been close friends of ours for some years.  Berdine had shared how the farm desperately needed rain.  We went to various spots around the farm and onto the one district road that goes through the farm.  There we prayed for rain and other things, as requested and lead by the Holy Spirit.  We closed this prayer time off with the dancers doing to declaration march from the main gate to the farmyard.  We returned to the farmhouse at about 15h15.  That evening at 18h00, it began to rain.  For myself, it was the voice of God saying, “I have heard your prayers”.

Tour Team at the Fish River Canyon

27 July 2014

Testimony from Rene de Beer

From day 1, my hunger for the ASAB covenant and promise was a part of me, so it was wonderful to be able to join the ASAB Tour.  My joy was even greater when I saw the original date of the ASAB blessing, 2 May 2010.  A year after this date, our baby girl Leah was born.  We had waited for her for 7 years and the longing in my heart for a baby had been overwhelming.  Leah is proof of streams in a dessert.  I personally experienced the power of this covenant. To add to our joy is the realisation that Leah has inherited the blessing of ASAB.  
Rene and her husband Erik, were the Tour Chefs
and did a wonderful job of keeping everyone's appetite satisfied.